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Fascinate Me Podcast – Extraordinary Lives, Incredible Stories

Discover the secrets of ordinary people living extraordinary lives

Welcome to the Fascinate Me Podcast, where host Ronald Skelton dives into the incredible stories of ordinary people living extraordinary lives. Our mission is to inspire and captivate listeners with tales of world travel, exploration, personal growth, and cutting-edge technology.

Join us every week for a 45-minute to 1-hour journey that explores the curiosities of life and reveals the transformational experiences of our guests. From globe-trotters to tech enthusiasts, our interviews uncover the secrets of living life by one's own design, with a mix of captivating topics and heartwarming stories.

Featuring high-resolution video and podcast interviews, the Fascinate Me Podcast invites you to embark on a journey of self-discovery, connection, and endless fascination. So, tune in, and let your curiosity take flight.

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Extraordinary Lives, Incredible Stories We interview people living extraordinary Lives, talk about fascinating technologies or experiences and just to our best to stay curious.


Ronald Skelton

SMB M&A podcast host https://How2Exit.com Investor, Acquisition entrepreneur, father of 2 amazing kids, Military Vet, & husband to a wife crazy enough to tolerate me